• The Mission of Business Cares

    Non-profits statewide are continually in a state of transition, continually working to fill gaps in funding whenever and wherever needed.  Business Cares, Incorporated (BCI) proposes to help close these gaps by utilizing revenue generated from unique fundraising projects to strengthen and expand services in existing San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organizations.   Specifically, we will start funding art programs for k through 12 grades that have been slashed due to budgeting constraints, as well as, funding substance abuse treatment programs and veteran organizations that aid veterans in their transition to civilian life.  As our organization becomes stronger through the support from businesses in our community, we will expand to other types of non-profits to enrich their organizations and to help insure their long-term sustainability.

    What Is Business Cares Inc. All About?

    BCI serves as a conduit between local non-profit organizations and the San Francisco Bay Area business community, businesses aiming to support the communities they serve.  BCI selectively matches local non-profit organizations and companies within the community creating innovative projects designed to raise much needed funding for the non-profit while furthering the reputation of the businesses and enhances their branding position.  BCI produces innovative and creative projects that accomplish the goals to the benefit of the non-profit organizations, the community that they serve and the businesses that help non-profit partners.

    Why Does BCI Do What It Does?

    Our initial focus will be on organizations that provide services to children in K through 12 grades leaning toward areas of study that the schools no longer have a budget, such as painting, music, dance, and theater.  It is important to provide our youth with well-rounded personalities and backgrounds to better manage their lives.  We will also aid a non-profit working with alcohol and drug rehabilitation from San Francisco through San Jose and organizations that help with veterans returning to civilian life.

    Why Should You Participate?

    Supporting non-profits through matching them up with businesses in a partnership is the goal of Business Cares. Your participation in our efforts will secure a healthier community and will be rewarding to you.  Happiness is helping others improve their lives without expecting anything in return.  You can do this by working with BCI to accomplish our goals.  If you have never attempted to do this, we challenge you to give it a try.  If you have done so, you understand the happiness it brings you and we challenge you to repeat it by helping BCI with the goal of helping those non-profit organizations that improve our community.  This type of service to others will bring to you an inner peace and satisfaction that will overwhelm you.

    “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? if I am only for myself, then what am I? And, if not now, when?” by Hillel

    There are a number of ways in which you can help make our goals and bring about success:

    1.) Word of Mouth efforts to send your friends and business contacts to this website.
    2.)  Encourage friends to make donations.
    3.)  Encourage businesses to contact us so that they can partner with a non-profit organization that we work with.
    4.)  Like our Facebook page (available by December 15st) and mention that you are helping BCI and why.  Tweet about BCI and our web site.
    5.)  Volunteer to help us accomplish our goals.